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  • What do you remember?

    11.11.2019 by

    Grammar Some people think that the rich don’t pay enough tax. Which shoes do you like best? I like the red ones I got a beautiful Italian leather bag for my birthday. We had been driving for about five hours when we decided to stop and rest. When we got to Terminal 2, the flight… Read more

  • Why to study at ” Mkhitar Sebastasi” Educomplex

    10.11.2019 by

    Good education is important: I chose Mkhitar Sebastaci educational complex, because, it’s covered everything, that I want. Some reason, why you should studying in Mkhitar Sebastaci educational complex: Here you can choose the subject that interest you, and everyone has his own timetable. You can choose your teacher. Teachers are very freandly. You can travel… Read more

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