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In the educational system, they make degrees to encourage students to study better. People think that grades help students to work harder. However, I disagree with this statement because people have to study for their knowledge and if they want to study, they do not need motivation.

Firstly, grading does not assess abilities. With grades, students feel fear. Teachers and parents always worry about grades. They tend to think that grades can diced and measure the personality of children. So, everyone wants to show the grades, not for education, but to be at the top. This way children always learn for the grade, but not the opposite. For example, some parents do not allow their children to play games, because of low grades. Which does not mean children will learn better without playing. So, in this time children must use tricks to increase the grade to show the result to their parents and play again. However, grades have to motivate to increase knowledge. I believe the students will get more motivation from their results than that numbers.

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