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Today, as we can see, humans tend to protect nature. They clean their environment, don’t use plastic bags, and speak about the problems, which can hurt the environment. One of the biggest problems is the usage of fossil fuels. Personally, I know that people live by the help of nature, and the opposite, however, today we do more harm than good, so I believe there will be one day, that we will use advantages and we will replace our source of energy.
The first, how we know, nowadays it is possible to use solar energy and get equality. that way, we save fossil fuel and we don’t waste the advantages of the sun. So people believe that they can get energy in a cheaper, and an effective way. In this case, they do not need to pay money for the energy, the opposite, they will get it from natural sources. So, people by thinking this way, choose the best option and that is why the number of people who use fossil fuel decreases. Today we are lucky that we have the internet, and we can do research, for example from internet or advertisement people understand that they want low-cost energy, energy whenever they want and of course, it will be without pollution. We can observe some people using solar panels as a source of energy for their houses. We can notice electric cars driving in the streets.
Second, due to fast development, people start to use machines that do not need fuel. It has many advantages, that can improve their lifestyle. in the big cities, there is a lot of pollution, because of cars and fuel. In fact, pollution damages both the environment and our health. if this tendency continues people will save more nature

In conclusion, I tend to think due to today’s development, humanity will be able to decrease the usage of fossil fuel, as we can see, nowadays we have the opportunity to use solar panels or technology and don’t damage our life and environment. Consequently, in the future people will use fewer fossil fuels because of the reasons mentioned in the essay

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