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Crime and criminals

Vocabulary bank

  1. Blackmail, blackmailer, to blackmail. B He said he’d send the photos to a newspaper if the actress didn’t pay him a lot of money.
  2. Bribery, – to bribe. A builder offered the mayor a free flat in return for a favour.
  3. Burglary, burglar, to break in/burgle. We came home from holiday and found that our TV had gone.
  4. Drug dealing, drug dealer, to sell drugs. Someone tried to sell me some Marijuana during a concert.
  5. Fraud, -, to commit fraud. A man transferred company money into his own bank account.
  6. Hijacking, hijacker, to hijack. A passanger on a flight made the pilot land in the desert.
  7. Kidnapping, kidnapper, to kidnap. A gang took a rich man’s son and asked the family for money.
  8. Mugging, mugger, to mug. A man held out a knife and made me give him my wallet.
  9. Murder, murderer, to murder.
  10. Rape, rapist, to rape. After the party the man made the woman have sex against her will.
  11. Robbery, robber, rob. An armed man walked into a bank and shouted, “Hands up”.
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Grammar Bank

3A. a, Rewrite the sentences in the passive (without by)

  1. Police closed the road after the accident. The road was closed after accident.
  2. Somebody has stolen my handbag. My handbag has been stolen.
  3. The painters are painting my house. My house is being painted.
  4. They’ll hold a meeting tomorrow. A meeting will be held tomorrow.
  5. The inspector fined them for traveling without ticket. They were fined for travelling without ticket.
  6. The police can arrest you for drink-driving. You can be arrested for drink-driving.
  7. Miranda thinks someone was following her last night. Miranda thinks she was being followed last night.
  8. They had sold the house 5 years earlier. The house had been sold 5 years earlier.


  1. Polise believe the burglar is a local man. It is believed that the burglar.
  2. People say the muggers are very dangerous. It is said that muggers are very dangerous
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What do you remember?


  1. Some people think that the rich don’t pay enough tax.
  2. Which shoes do you like best? I like the red ones
  3. I got a beautiful Italian leather bag for my birthday.
  4. We had been driving for about five hours when we decided to stop and rest.
  5. When we got to Terminal 2, the flight from London had already landed.
  6. As soon as we arrived at the airport, we checked in.
  7. Her father speaks English very fluently.
  8. I just need another five minutes I’ve nearly finished.
  9. The driver was seriously injured in the accident.
  10. It was such a boring film that we left in the middle of it.


  • Hooded
  • Smart
  • Station
  • Backpack
  • Friendly

B. Complete the sentences with one word.

  1. The plane took off at 7. 15.
  2. I’ve just found out that my boss is going to work for another company.
  3. You’d better walk a bit faster if you don’t want to get left behind.
  4. People here dress up a lot of weddings – long dresses and suits.
  5. My new jeans fit like a glove – they’re so comfortable.

C. The right word.

  • Lately
  • Fit me
  • Even
  • Hard
  • Luggage
  • Especially

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Why to study at ” Mkhitar Sebastasi” Educomplex

Good education is important: I chose Mkhitar Sebastaci educational complex, because, it’s covered everything, that I want. Some reason, why you should studying in Mkhitar Sebastaci educational complex:

  • Here you can choose the subject that interest you, and everyone has his own timetable.
  • You can choose your teacher. Teachers are very freandly.
  • You can travel more than normally, and learn (after all, learning is not just about school). I have already taken one trip to Istanbul.
  • You can participate for example IT group and improve your programming skills, and i’m sure that you can’t find this in other schools.
  • Here except education they give as human values and tech keep nationality.
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Fill in the Blanks

1. We have tried for over 200 years to preserve the United States Constitution.

2. The gloomy weather predictions* upset him.

3. Will Karen consent to having her baby picture published in the school newspaper?

4. I found a unique collection of old books in the attic.

5. Dave knew that if he mistreated her, she would resent it.

6. The president denounced the criminal activities that were going on.

7. Lori feared that if she walked the streets, she would be molest.

8. Owning a house created unforeseen difficulties.

9. The new movie invited a torrent of disapproval.

10. A telephone call told us that the employees’* picnic was postponed until next week.

11. The capsule was filled with records of the past.

12. It was a massive job for just one person to unload the big truck.

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Fill in the Blanks. 07.10.2019

1. If we have one more hot, humid day, you will be able to persuade* me to move to Alaska.

2. In the show the magician waved his wand to make a lady vanish.

3. The hair on his head was so dense, a special pair of scissors was used to thin it.

4. Since he has passed all his subjects, I’ll predict that he will graduate.

5. The villain in the movie was played by an actor who was able to look mean.

6. Vapor rose out of the valve on top of the steam engine.

7. The basketball player was enormous ; he could practically drop the ball through the hoop.

8. What theory can you suggest to explain the frequent changes in women’s clothing?

9. Why don’t you utilize all the space on that page?

10. Sooner or later the elevator will descend and we’ll be able to go up.

11. I heard a doctor on a television show say that if we eliminate one slice of bread each day, we’ll lose weight.

12. Copies of some magazines are so scarce,* the librarian won’t allow them to circulate .

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My signature

Our signature is the part of our handwriting, that says the most about our personality. My signature is in Armenian. It contains first letter of my surname and initials of my first name. I decided create my signature on this way, because of I love my name. As mention in text I had positive fellengs about my childhood and my “private” self is more important than my “public” self (but, I a little bit disagree with this opinion).   My signature you can read clearly, and this means that I am a person with clear ideas. As my signature is horizontal , that means that my life is going well-balanced. And finally the size of my signature is not small and not big.