Auguste Rodin

For the project "Speaking Sculptures" I have chosen Auguste Rodin and his sculptures. Auguste put his whole soul in his sculptures. It was as if he was animating them, presenting each muscle in a unique and right way, each look in his importance. He was more inspired by the naked characters because they lose their power within... Continue Reading →

Trips as my achievement

Hi, my name is Tatev. I have been in "Mkhitar  Sebastatsi" Educational Complex for a year. Today I will tell you about the peculiarities of the educational complex. Let’s get started. Trips. Traveling is very important: you can learn, make friends, develop more, recognize the country, enjoy nature and of course be independent.My first camp... Continue Reading →

Eating Habits

If you eat very quickly, it may be enough to increase your risk of being overweight, research suggests. Osaka University scientists looked at the eating habits of 3,000 people. Just about half of them told researchers that they have a habit of eating quickly. Compared with those who did not eat quickly, fast-eating men were... Continue Reading →

The media controls how and what we think

Sure, nowadays media controls how and what we think. From the morning till the evening we are catching information from media and trying to filter it. We need trusted information. In the current generation we share our feelings with gadgets rather with the people. . . . We are too lazy to research the truth... Continue Reading →

Tourism in Britain

Tourism is already Britain’s fifth most important industry and it is also the fifth largest tourist industry in the world. It’s growing rapidly: the number of people employed in the industry increased by more than 50,000 a year. Britain has a rich and varied cultural heritage. Colorful royal ceremonies attract millions of visitors each year.... Continue Reading →

Grammar 2

1. Nate deserved to win the prize for writing that amazing short story about traveling through Peru. I don't understand his not receiving the award. 2. I can't believe you wanted to go fishing, and you forgot to bring a fishing pole. How did you expect to catch any fish? Were you just going to sit in the river trying to catch fish with your bare hands? You would have... Continue Reading →

Grammar 1

1. You look really great! (you, work) Have you been working out at the fitness center recently? 2. A: What (you, do) were you doing when the accident occurred?B: I (try) was trying to change a light bulb that had burnt out. 3. I (have) have had the same car for more than ten years. I'm thinking about buying a new one. 4.... Continue Reading →


Read the text and match the titles with the paragraphs National languageFreedom of mediaCustoms and traditionsPublic transportGeographyLeisure and sportModern historyEconomic outlook A. Lithuania is situated on the eastern Baltic coast and borders Latvia in the north, the Kaliningrad region of the Russian Federation and Poland in the southwest, and Belarus in the southwest and east. The... Continue Reading →

Reported Speech

1.“He works in a bank”She said that he worked in a bank.2. “We went out last night”She told me that they had gone out the previous night.3. “I’m coming!”She said she was coming. 4. “I was waiting for the bus when he arrived”She told me that she was  waiting for the bus when he  arrived.5.... Continue Reading →

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